Probably the best nurse in the business.  (at Factory Place Arts Complex)
08.19.14 /11:57
From @kickstarter backer to homies with the @moment_lens dudes! I’m stoked on these! “Long live the picture taker!” indeed! (at Factory Place Arts Complex)
08.17.14 /14:03
New Profile pic, by the talented @beckytrejo  (at Factory Place Arts Complex)
08.16.14 /22:30
Because this place was rad. (at King’s Hardware)
08.13.14 /20:01
Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting!  (at Griffith Observatory)
08.12.14 /23:09
Exploring, discovering, adventuring are immensely better when she’s around.  (at Queen Anne Farmers Market)
08.11.14 /21:06/ 1
Vashon, you were pretty cool. #upperleftusa  (at Vashon Island)
08.08.14 /00:52/ 1
Got to meet this cool dude last week, super chill… I hope our paths cross again sometime soon @cameracaleb  (at Ballard Neighborhood)
08.06.14 /20:36
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