I love it when my table is full. (at Factory Place Lofts)
09.07.14 /21:33
Legends LA. I am thankful and blessed to have a seat at this table with these men.  (at Apolis: Common Gallery)
09.04.14 /23:18
…man this was one full holiday weekend. Family, friends… all great things in life…
09.01.14 /20:55/ 1
Thank Mr. John Williams it is always a pleasure. iheartLA  (at Hollywood Bowl)
08.30.14 /00:46
another one! because I’m super stoked for my friends.  (at Griffith Park)
08.23.14 /21:46
so my buddy just asked his girl to marry him… (at Grittith Park)
08.23.14 /19:25/ 1
Onto the Bay bridge and into SF. That one time @aaronjacob and I shot with @romanraetzke  (at Bay Bridge)
08.22.14 /07:14
Probably the best nurse in the business.  (at Factory Place Arts Complex)
08.19.14 /11:57
From @kickstarter backer to homies with the @moment_lens dudes! I’m stoked on these! “Long live the picture taker!” indeed! (at Factory Place Arts Complex)
08.17.14 /14:03
New Profile pic, by the talented @beckytrejo  (at Factory Place Arts Complex)
08.16.14 /22:30
Canvas  by  andbamnan