Last nite at the @thisrepresents soirée… I don’t always take selfies but when I do, it’s with the Mrs. (at XIX Studios)
10.19.14 /11:38/ 1
Mi Familia en mi casa.  (at Factory Place Lofts)
10.05.14 /18:15
Last night we had the honor of celebrating this lovely lady’s birthday! Happy birthday @kelseyzahn you are loved. (at L.A. Chapter)
10.03.14 /22:34
Somewhere over Los Angeles County. (at El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles del Río de Porciúncula)
10.01.14 /21:33
white fluffy clouds on the way back home.  (at Los Angeles, California)
10.01.14 /00:34
Canada, you were great to us this trip. Be back soon. (at Gastown Quater Vancouver)
09.29.14 /21:50/ 1
a dwarf amongst Giants.  (at VanDusen Botanical Garden)
09.28.14 /22:04

be back in a bit Los Angeles! #iheartLA

sound check.  (at Club NOKIA)
09.18.14 /16:38/ 1
I love it when my table is full. (at Factory Place Lofts)
09.07.14 /21:33
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